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2016-12-05 15:18:19 by gamerraven

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Hello everybody! It's GamerRaven here.

I'm looking for somebody to compose me an intro theme to my YouTube video game review series. I need a style of video games in this theme.

Here's the synopsis of this show.
A guy named Liam has to live with 10 creations while reviewing video games. The outcome of all this is havoc.

Please send me your agreement to do this first and the final theme song at

Plus, I've got ChinoKnight animating the intro so check out his channel on YouTube.

One more thing. It needs to be 1 minute long.

Thanks! :)

I'm now making a big finale to The Kirby Collab 3. I will need voice actors and actresses. If you're interested on voice acting for me, contact me at

I need animators for a new game I'm working on based on an idea from DestructionSeries (Reeves), Kirby FC Adventures.

Forum topic in the link below.

Needing animators!

2015-12-25 00:21:41 by gamerraven

I need animators for my part in a collab. If you help me, I will give you $210. Thanks!

Starting a collab!

2015-11-01 18:49:58 by gamerraven

I'm starting a collab based on Kirby.

It's called The Kirby Collab 3.

If anybody wants to join, check in the link below.

Joining my first collab!

2014-05-27 07:33:25 by gamerraven

I'm joining my first collab!


It's called the WTF Collab by Fulliren.


Thank you Fulliren!


Here's a link to my entry


2013-02-10 20:59:22 by gamerraven

Here are the parts and voices!

SquareWhale=Farmer Jones and Boxer
TheInspector=Ms. Jones, Jessie and the Crow

Thanks for your support!